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Train Schedule

Summer Choir Schedule

Rehearsals weekly at 7pm in the Choir Room. Contact for more information.


  • 3 – Sometimes He Calms the Storm (octavo)
  • 17 – Bless The Lord (octavo)
  • 24 – Never Fail (Break Every Chain book)


  • 8 – Our Father (Break Every Chain book)
  • 22 – Fill This Temple (All Things New book)


  • 5 – I Was Glad (octavo)
  • 19 – The Lord Our God (with You Are God Alone) (octavo)


  • September 2 – Your Name Is Glorious (All Things New Book)
  • TBD – Before the Rocks Cry Out (Joy in the House Book)
  • TBD – Mercy Seat / Lord Have Mercy (Jesus Saves Book)
  • TBD – Song of Grace (Octavo)

Happy Birthday!

Party Favors

8/10 Courtney B.
8/14 Cindy G.
8/18 Amy H.
9/12 Bob C.
9/18 Dawson M.
9/25 Ken S.