Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. How soon can I sing on a Sunday morning?

A. You are allowed to sing in a public service following your second consecutive rehearsal.

Q. May I take music home to practice?

A. Yes, you may, provided you bring your music with you to rehearsal each week.

Q. If I miss a rehearsal may I sing on Sunday anyway?

A. Yes, you may, but only of you have missed only one rehearsal and not two or more consecutive rehearsals. Exceptions may be granted by the director.

Q. Am I expected to sing in all services?

A. Yes, unless you have a condition or unusual circumstance that would preclude you. See the director for approval.

Q. Do I get to hold my music when the choir sings?

A. No. The choir communicates so much more effectively when the music is memorized. That is why we provide you with tools such as MP3 files. Words to the songs are displayed on stage monitors for your quick reference.

Q. Should I still come to choir even if I am having throat issues?

A. Yes! First off, your very presence is a positive impact on the rest of the choir, even if you can’t vocalize. Secondly, you can still learn from the instruction given by the director.

Q. Should I still come to choir even if I am sick?

A. No, if you have a cold or a contagious illness please stay home and recover and let us know so we can pray for you! If you are not contagious then you are welcome to attend rehearsal.