Worship Vocalists

Not everyone meets the qualifications for this ministry. Worship leading requires greater control and use of the vocal instrument in a way that easily blends into the musical fabric of the rest of the team. But more importantly it requires a depth of character and spiritual maturity that will sustain the singer through relational, emotional and spiritual conflicts that may arise.

The process of becoming a Worship Vocalist:

  • Email jonathon@faithnfm.com to receive an application
  • Have an interview with a vocal director
  • Consistently attend rehearsals as scheduled
  • Be willing to sing in services using a “dead” microphone until it is determined the participant is fully prepared
  • Have a post-training evaluation interview with the a vocal director

Musical Qualifications:

  • Excellent control of vocal instrument – breath support, pitch, vibrato, dynamics and blend
  • Ability┬áto memorize a vocal part
  • Ability┬áto sing harmony

For more information, contact Jonathon at 543.2700 or by email.

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