• To provide a musical foundation for worship;
  • To attain a spiritual flow of praise that invokes the manifest presence of God;
  • To bring other people into intimate communion with God through worship.


  • Entire band “in the groove” – breaks simple and clean, transitions smooth, flowing and comfortable.
  • All players familiar with various rhythms and meters, styles and keys.
  • Drummer and bass player consistent in the punches, kicks, accents – solidifying the tightness of the group. Drums control flow.
  • Lead instrument establishing melodic and harmonic progression. Lead instrument controls mood.
  • Secondary instruments (all others) adding harmonic and rhythmic color and fullness to the work of the lead instrument.
  • All players able to read chord/rhythm charts, improvise and solo. This keeps the band fresh, flexible and innovative.
  • Each team member having a good ear and good timing, keeping the band solid, tasteful, energetic and creative.
  • The more players involved, the less each musician plays.
  • All team members listening, watching and aware of any signals from the worship leader.
  • All team members spiritually sensitive and God-conscious, knowing what the anointing is, and flowing with the mood of the Holy Spirit.


  • A teachable spirit. Musicians must be willing to grow in both their musicianship and their spiritual life.
  • A willingness to mentor. Musicians must be supportive, encouraging and willing to mentor newer musicians on the team.
  • Be prepared. Musicians are expected to come to Thursday rehearsals already familiar with the setlist and their parts. Musicians provide their own earbuds/headphones and ipad or tablet. Memorization is encouraged.
  • Be communicative. Respond to Planning Center invites with accept or decline as soon as possible. Respond to emails or texts from band director and ask questions where needed to be effectively prepared.

For more information contact Jonathon at 239.543.2700 or by email.

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